The God Delusion

In early 2010, Alistair McGrath had just finished giving a lecture in London.  A young man came up to him afterwards and asked if McGrath would sign a copy of his book Christian Theology: An Introduction.  McGrath asked him what had led him to study theology.  The young man proceeded to tell him of how he had read Richard Dawkins God Delusion a year or so earlier, and it seemed so unfair and one-sided that he felt he needed to hear the other side.  So he started going to church.  After a while, he found he could not sustain his faith in the parody when confronted with the real thing.  He converted to Christianity – joyfully and decisively.  “Without Dawkins,” said the young man, “I would never have given God a second thought.”

As McGrath signed the book, the young man told him that he had a theological question for him.  Since The God Delusion had been so instrumental in his conversion, should he, therefore, thank God for Richard Dawkins in his prayers?!”

See; Engaging with the New Atheism: Why God Won’t Go Away; by Alistair McGrath (SPCK Publications, London, 2011) p. 98-99


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